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Re: Current 2.2r2 status

Some further notes, starting at the end:

On Tue, Nov 21, 2000 at 11:54:03PM -0500, Ben Collins wrote:
> This looks like everything. I think we can probably get this completed in
> less than two weeks (giving extra time because of US holiday).

As announced (see the previous reference to debian-announce), 2.2r2
will not be taking that long, even if the security team or the porters
are dawdling. As announced, it'll be out around the 24th, US holiday or
not. [0]

Note that the alternative isn't "do we make a good revision or a crap
one", it's "do we leave potato users in the lurch for another two
weeks while we muddle around, or not". The current boot-floppies, eg,
have more security holes than any new ones do, so holding back the new,
fixed, ones isn't benefiting anyone.

> - Security updates affecting base packages, Wichert. How long till this
>   is done? What packages should we be watching for?
> - Rest of securitu updates, Wichert (time frame again please).

So in short, r2 will come out with what fixes are available, with the
major goal of fixing the two notable bugs (pcmcia on i386 and dpkg on
sparc uninstallable) with r1, so that Debian is once again willing to
suggest people use potato, whether these are done or not.

Security updates should be installed from security.debian.org.

> - Kernel 2.2.18-pre21 builds (ports who want it). Let me know who wants
>   this, and when you can get it done. If you do not tell me that your port
>   needs 2.2.18-pre21 kernel images, then we wont be waiting for it to be
>   uploaded. Give me a time frame for completion please.
>   [sparc] Will build, should be done on Nov 22.

Please give times in UTC, Nov 22 is almost over here.

> - Update packages. This is in a per arch basis, and only if absolutely
>   essential (this applies to out-of-date packages only). You can update as
>   needed, but we wont hold back release for non-essential updates, it will
>   just have to wait for r3.
>   [sparc] Need to do a binary only gtk upload to fix deps between indep
>           and arch packages. Will not affect other archs. This is needed
> 	  for the openssh security fix to be compiled. [3 days]

This is trivial to fix: it's just a matter of hard coding a version in
debian/control. I'll mail you a patch privately after it's tested. (So
I don't see any reason for the delay)


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