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Re: potato revision one

Previously Anthony Towns wrote:
> auric:~ajt/chkproposedupdates.sh and auric:~ajt/chkproposedupdates2.sh
> might (or might not) be informative to people trying to grok what updates
> are about and what arches haven't been doing recompiles. quinn-diff is
> operating on stable+proposed-updates so autobuilders have no reason not
> to be keeping up to date.

I'm aware of quin-diff. Not every architecture uses it though: the alpha
porters for example compile things manually and need some prodding at
times. Just telling people that quin-diff exists is not enough, you have
to pro-actively make sure things get build on time. That is one of the
jobs as release manager.

I'll explain why I am so upset: you have been saying for weeks and weeks
that a 2.2r1 was coming and yet nothing happened. We had a bunch of
oustanding security problems and Dan and I were trying very hard to work
on them this friday on irc while you were present so you knew we were
working on it. I said I was going to work this weekend to make sure
we were up to date security-wise and ready for 2.2r1, and I even was up
until 5am on friday working on that. I reserved sunday for it as well.
And then I discovered yesterday that you had suddenly released 2.2r1.
Needless to say that pissed me off.

What I want to see is discussion about proposed changes to stable:
an easily human readable list of what package you want to accept,
which you want to refuse, for what architecture pacakges are already
available, and a short statement as to why. Yes, that is some extra
effort, but you need to do that anyway to do a good announcement. See
http://lists.debian.org/debian-announce-00/msg00004.html for example:
that has a list that was discussed and refined on debian-release for
2 weeks before we did the final release.


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