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Re: Bioconductor + R-base transition: next steps and status update

Hi Nilesh,

On 21 September 2021 at 01:58, Nilesh Patra wrote:
| On 9/19/21 8:16 PM, Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:
| > [...]
| > vegan 2.5.7 is current
| I'm not too sure why this one does not work. On a quick look, _seems_ like some float-precision
| errors. I'm tempted to disable that one and upload.
| Any other ideas welcome.

Those things happen sometimes. For my (upstream) package Rcpp I frequently
run reverse-depends checks against essetially all 2300+ CRAN packages
depending on it and I currently have three or so that go belly up like
that. I usually just ignore them (for the purposes of my tests, nothings
depends upon them). Sometimes it goes aways under rebuilds of all parts.

The r-base block is now at    "36 days old (needed 5 days)".

If you all could do what it takes to no longer let your packages block it, I
will not be alone in appreciating availability of r-base 4.1.1 in testing.


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