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Re: Bioconductor + R-base transition: next steps and status update

On 19 September 2021 at 19:39, Nilesh Patra wrote:
| I was also looking at packages to get r-base migration fwd, and so far r-cran-tmb and r-bioc-scuttle have been fixed.

| So TODO:
| => If you could ask ftp masters to accept packages, that'd be cool. I've already pinged in the IRC channel.
| => Look at the remaining bioc failures and fix
| => Updating a few left-over CRAN packages can help r-base transition move ahead - like knitr, unitizer etc.
|    But since they are relatively important packages, we need to account for breakages with these too.

Several of these transition blockages for r-base-core appear to be from
packages that are behind upstream. Looking at

bbmle is behind 1.0.24 upstream
devtools 2.3.2 is behind 2.4.2 upstream
knitr 1.33 is behind 1.34 upstream
parsetools 0.1.3 is no longer on CRAN as of 2020-01-24
processx 3.4.5 is behind 3.5.2 upstream
svglite is behind 2.0.0 upstream
tikzDevice is current 
TMB 1.7.21 is current
unitizer 1.4.12 is behind 1.4.15 upstream
vegan 2.5.7 is current

For tikzDevice we know R 4.0.0 imposed a rebuild for graphics devices (and R
Core decided not to call for a formal ABI breakage which I concur with on
balance but we _could_ of course gone all in here requiring everything to be
rebuilt; I too think that would have been overkill) so a simple rebuild may do.


PS FYI A month ago, I actually received an email from an R Core member and
CRAN co-founder who was wondering why the new r-base migrate would not
migrate.  I can only say that the matter is not under my control.

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