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Bioconductor + R-base transition: next steps and status update

Hi All,

The Bioconductor rebuilds had been completed, with several uploads
from Andreas, Dylan, Steffen and myself.

The last package "destiny" still remains, but this is now deprecated.
AFAICS, only one package 'r-bioc-monocle' was failing because of that, and I fixed and uploaded moncle
which now looks good.

Ofcourse, there were several failing autopkgtests (not really un-expected) and I've so far managed to fix
a bunch. But, here are a few blockers, mainly because of things sitting in new:

=> r-bioc-scran: Depends on r-bioc-delayedmatrix which is still in new. This is "not" a test-only dep.
=> r-bioc-bluster: Depends on kohonen (in NEW) and mbkmeans (still unpackaged)
=> r-bioc-deseq2: test-Depends on r-bioc-tximeta (last remaining one) which is in NEW
=> r-bioc-dropletutils: I don't really know why this does not work, and help would be appreciated

I was also looking at packages to get r-base migration fwd, and so far r-cran-tmb and r-bioc-scuttle have been fixed.


=> If you could ask ftp masters to accept packages, that'd be cool. I've already pinged in the IRC channel.
=> Look at the remaining bioc failures and fix
=> Updating a few left-over CRAN packages can help r-base transition move ahead - like knitr, unitizer etc.
   But since they are relatively important packages, we need to account for breakages with these too.


Nilesh Patra

Debian Developer, Uploading
  ⢿⡄⠘⠷⠚⠋   nilesh@debian.org / nileshpatra.info / tchncs.de

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