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Re: The use of Htdig inside Kdehelpcenter.

On Thursday 07 April 2011 17:08:22 Mats Erik Andersson wrote:
> Personally, I am convinced this should be move to a new location
> '/usr/lib/htdig/'. The migration is fairly straightforward for
> Htdig in isolation, but I am uncertain how Khelpcenter will react
> to the change. Please give me your view on this.

I just looked quickly at it, and in kdebase-runtime (srcpackage of khc) we are 
having a patch that sets these paths.

We just need to coordinate things, something like this:

0) we agree on when day1 is, maybe involving teh release team if it is in the 
middle of something else.

day 1) you upload htdig and add Breaks: khelpcenter, khelpcenter4 (<= 
day 1.5) we upload kdebase-runtime with changed paths.
day 10) ask release team to hint k-r and htdig in together.
day 11) celebrate

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inside Netscape?

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