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Re: The use of Htdig inside Kdehelpcenter.

Dear Sune, and all other members,               (Still hoping for CC)

so you single-handedly support me in qa as well as in qt-kde,
that is comforting!

torsdag den  7 april 2011 klockan 22:44 skrev Sune Vuorela detta:
> On Thursday 07 April 2011 17:08:22 Mats Erik Andersson wrote:
> > Personally, I am convinced this should be move to a new location
> > '/usr/lib/htdig/'. The migration is fairly straightforward for
> > Htdig in isolation, but I am uncertain how Khelpcenter will react
> > to the change. Please give me your view on this.
> I just looked quickly at it, and in kdebase-runtime (srcpackage of khc) we are 
> having a patch that sets these paths.
> We just need to coordinate things, something like this:

> [..time scheme..]

I will do some test runs with the intended changes to htdig and
to kdebase-runtime in order to detect any obvious signs of breakage.
After that I will come back to suggest a date for our coordinated
migration. Now I am confident enough in this matter to file an ITA
against htdig, having seen an indication as to which source packaging
is involved from the KDE side of the collaboration.

Best regards,
  Mats E A

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