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Re: KDE 4.5 in Debian 6.0 Squeeze?


On šeštadienis 14 Rugpjūtis 2010 14:36:37 Piotr Dąbrowski wrote:

> I haven't exerienced any annoying bugs in 4.5 so far.
> And there are plenty of them in 4.4.5 - mainly plasma crashes f.e. when you
> drag&drop a quick lunch icon on itself instead of clicking it (very common
> situation).

If we were given an isolated patch, we could include it in the packages.

> > But the main reason is that rules are rules:
> > freeze is in effect and there is no workaround
> > for the limits it imposes.
> Probably the freeze date was a wrong choice then. 

The freeze date was not a choice of Debian Qt/KDE team. It had to happen some 
day and it happened.

> KDE 4.5 release schedule
> was well known after all.
> Does Debian not care about KDE users anymore?

Just Debian is too big to care *only* about KDE users. To be honest, if you 
use Debian on the desktop system, you'll probably end up using 
testing/unstable anyway. Even if the latest 4.5.x was released with stable, it 
would get old in a single month. Stable is perfect when you do NOT want 
software to change. That's servers, workstations and other deployments where 
the latest KDE is not important at all.

> I just think that KDE 4.4.5 is not stable enough to be in stable branch of
> Debian. Version 4.5 is just a fix for this situation. And many other users
> agree with that.

4.4.5 crashes occasionally when I push it too hard, I still encounter some 
bugs. But really, that's nothing major or release-critical.

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