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Bug#587502: kdevelop: Regression. Too many resources is used while doing background jobs.

On Tue, Jul 06, 2010 at 02:56:29PM +0300, Fathi Boudra wrote:
> > This is ugly thing, but with kdevelop you can not to set build directory as
> > "crtmpserver/builders/cmake", but this is need to correct building.
> Why should I do that ? I should be able to set build directory as I
> want and not specifically "crtmpserver/builders/cmake".
> > In easy way you can change config manually.
> > Edit crtmpserver/builders/cmake/.kdev4/cmake.kdev4 and
> > set builders/cmake as build dir.
> > This is variables: CurrentBuildDir BuildDirs
> > Also add
> > [Launch][Launch Configuration 0][Data]
> > Arguments=rtmpserver/rtmpserver.lua
> >
> > In another way you can build via pure console:
> > in crtmpserver/builders/cmake run "cmake . && make"
> >
> > After build run kdevelop on with this project.
> This is the way you reproduce the endless loop ?
> I mean: import the project with kdevelop, close kdevelop and edit
> kdevelop project files.
Main target to do this step is get "buggy environment". Problem is reveal
while background jobs working on previosly cmake&&make'ed source tree.
No matter which way we receive environment(clean console or kdevelop).
> Please, give me complete and exact steps to reproduce.
1. get sources
2. cd builders/cmake
3. cmake . && make
4. run Kdevelop4
5. import cmake project from builders/cmake
6. open some source files (for running background jobs, i think this is 
indexing of source files for highlight and code completion)

> By the way, it seems an upstream bug and not a Debian packaging bug.
This bug is revealed after everyday updates. As I can saw, that update
consist of Qt libraries update, but not kdevelop.

I'm sorry for foggy bug report, I'm novice :)

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