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Bug#587502: kdevelop: Regression. Too many resources is used while doing background jobs.

> This is ugly thing, but with kdevelop you can not to set build directory as
> "crtmpserver/builders/cmake", but this is need to correct building.

Why should I do that ? I should be able to set build directory as I
want and not specifically "crtmpserver/builders/cmake".

> In easy way you can change config manually.
> Edit crtmpserver/builders/cmake/.kdev4/cmake.kdev4 and
> set builders/cmake as build dir.
> This is variables: CurrentBuildDir BuildDirs
> Also add
> [Launch][Launch Configuration 0][Data]
> Arguments=rtmpserver/rtmpserver.lua
> In another way you can build via pure console:
> in crtmpserver/builders/cmake run "cmake . && make"
> After build run kdevelop on with this project.

This is the way you reproduce the endless loop ?
I mean: import the project with kdevelop, close kdevelop and edit
kdevelop project files.

Please, give me complete and exact steps to reproduce.
By the way, it seems an upstream bug and not a Debian packaging bug.

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