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Bug#587502: kdevelop: Regression. Too many resources is used while doing background jobs.

> Using your recomendation I remove that dir and config. But this is not help.
> While next background job is starting i had the same problem.
> Project is available, this is rtmpd.com - OpenSource project.
> When I import clean project(just svn'ed) in kdevelop4 all is fine. Project
> indexing(via background job) pass successful.After this i run "cmake . && make"
> (on builders/cmake directory) next background job leads to "eating" memory
> and hard CPU usage. I think this happend cause project generate several sym-lynks
> to upper directories -> got several loops of scanning.

I'm not able to reproduce so far.
Maybe there's a difference on the way the project is created.
Could you send the exact step you do and your kdevelop project file ?

my steps:
 -> get crtmpserver 0.1 branch (r1421)
 -> run kdevelop
 -> project
 -> open/import project...
 -> select crtmpserver/builders/cmake/CMakeLists.txt
 -> set project name to crtmpserver
 -> set build directory to crtmpserver/build
 -> ok
 -> project
 -> build all projects
 -> it fails to build on vmtests
 -> close project
 -> close kdevelop
 -> run kdevelop
 -> project
 -> open recent
 -> select crtmpserver project

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