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Re: Bug#585824: Acknowledgement (KDE no longer works)

On 14/06/10 01:25 PM, Modestas Vainius wrote:

On pirmadienis 14 Birželis 2010 16:57:57 Gary Dale wrote:
This morning's updates have restored limited functionality to my KDE
desktop. I now get a short menu with a right-click that allows me to run
commands. However I do not get the kicker/kickoff bar or the applets
that allow me to do things like switch pages.
The original problem should no longer be there if you have libkdecore5 at
4:4.4.4-1 (check with `dpkg -l libkdecore5`). However, plasma-desktop config
files might be corrupt due to previous breakage. Try removing them (might
result in some data loss, you may want to backup them first):

$ rm ~/.kde/share/config/plasma-desktop*

I mv'd the files rather than rm'ng them. That did the trick. Thanks!

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