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Bug#513382: akonadi-server: depends on mysql-server

Xavier Vello wrote:
>> This is about akonadi-server pulling in the
>> *system-wide* MySQL server that Akonadi does not use at all:

> akonadi needs /usr/sbin/mysqld provided by the mysql-server-* packages,
> and runs it with a custom configuration. There is no automatic way to use the 
> system-wide mysql, but you are free to code one and include it upstream.

Akonadi should probably allow configuration of other data sources, if it
doesn't already. But that's a different issue.

> About having two mysqld running, this is because the mysql-server-* packages 
> launch it by default. There is nothing the pkg-kde team can do about it, feel 
> free to bug the mysql packaging team to get a package installing 
> /usr/sbin/mysqld without the init scripts.

Absolutely, I will open a bug. This is not so uncommon, for instance the
Tomcat packages work this way.



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