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Bug#492231: bug/issue closed

On Wed, Jul 30, 2008 at 11:33:45AM +0200, Notch-1 wrote:
> >> Not like windows... You mean that what people say about linux is true? Is
> >> made for developers only? :D Then i am a developer, but i still don't want
> >> to edit a file to mount a drive :DD
> >> I understand the policy thing, but i simply disagree,so how to change this
> >> behavior?
> >> I have to write all possible entry from hda1 to hdz99 to fstab? :D
> >Come on. This is starting to sound ridiculous.
> This started as an innocent question, you guys are answering me with random 
> quote or random google link, you made this ridiculous!
> >> Live cd only, i ain't installed anything
> >You could have said this earlier. Debian does have some LiveCDs but not 
> >something very official. Read http://debian-live.alioth.debian.org/, wiki, 
> >ask 
> >on mailing list or their IRC. Debian Live is highly customizable and it might 
> >be that simply LiveCD provider missed some option or something. Anyway, this 
>  >is not konqueror problem and it is not really a bug but rather a user 
> >support 
> >question. It might be a wishlist bug if the feature is not implemented. So 
> >feel free to reopen the bug on the real package (live cd generator) it 
> >belongs 
> >to. konqueror behaviour is just fine with regard to system policies.
> >>yes, i know, read the "original bug report" please (as you mentioned before, 
> >>quoting me)
> >Again, I'll quote you "Installing debian etch on several computers and with 5 
> >different kernels (2.6.15, 18, 22, 24 and 25)". Nothing about LiveCD at all. 
> >It is possible to configure user,users options in the Debian Installer.
> THE KUBUNTU TEST WAS FROM THE LIVE CD!! I was talking about kunbuntu, you read 
> 1 line every 5 ?!?
> And i don't want a "not very official" live debian, i just want to change the 
> policy, so should you simply tell me where i can found the line that make hal 
> refuse to mount my disks? Or tell me who knows!
> Anyway, i started this as "general", Stéphane Glondu <steph@glondu.net> 
> reassigned this to "konqueror" (don't know why, it's mounting problem, with 
> dolphin it's the same thing....), i think "hal" it's even better... Live cd 
> generator? I disagree (does not make much sense to me), but reassign this to 
> whatever you want...

You already have got several good answers about your problem, and you seem not
value this and even try to mock us. So there is not much more to answer/help here.


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