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Bug#492231: Re: Bug#492231: Re: Bug#492231: Re: Bug#492231: Re: Bug#492231: Re: Re: konqueror: unable to mount fixed drives. Nobody knows how to fix this...

>> Not like windows... You mean that what people say about linux is true? Is
>> made for developers only? :D Then i am a developer, but i still don't want
>> to edit a file to mount a drive :DD
>> I understand the policy thing, but i simply disagree,so how to change this
>> behavior?
>> I have to write all possible entry from hda1 to hdz99 to fstab? :D
>Come on. This is starting to sound ridiculous.
This started as an innocent question, you guys are answering me with random 
quote or random google link, you made this ridiculous!

>> Live cd only, i ain't installed anything
>You could have said this earlier. Debian does have some LiveCDs but not 
>something very official. Read http://debian-live.alioth.debian.org/, wiki, 
>on mailing list or their IRC. Debian Live is highly customizable and it might 
>be that simply LiveCD provider missed some option or something. Anyway, this 
 >is not konqueror problem and it is not really a bug but rather a user 
>question. It might be a wishlist bug if the feature is not implemented. So 
>feel free to reopen the bug on the real package (live cd generator) it 
>to. konqueror behaviour is just fine with regard to system policies.

>>yes, i know, read the "original bug report" please (as you mentioned before, 
>>quoting me)
>Again, I'll quote you "Installing debian etch on several computers and with 5 
>different kernels (2.6.15, 18, 22, 24 and 25)". Nothing about LiveCD at all. 
>It is possible to configure user,users options in the Debian Installer.
THE KUBUNTU TEST WAS FROM THE LIVE CD!! I was talking about kunbuntu, you read 
1 line every 5 ?!?
And i don't want a "not very official" live debian, i just want to change the 
policy, so should you simply tell me where i can found the line that make hal 
refuse to mount my disks? Or tell me who knows!

Anyway, i started this as "general", Stéphane Glondu <steph@glondu.net> 
reassigned this to "konqueror" (don't know why, it's mounting problem, with 
dolphin it's the same thing....), i think "hal" it's even better... Live cd 
generator? I disagree (does not make much sense to me), but reassign this to 
whatever you want...

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