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Bug#492231: Re: konqueror: unable to mount fixed drives. Nobody knows how to fix this...

> I reassigned this bug to "konqueror", hoping that someone who knows 
> konqueror better could help you (I don't really know konqueror myself, 
> and neither do many people who read bugreports for "general", I think). 
>Your initial report mentioned konqueror and hal; either of those would 
>have been more relevant than "general".
You are right, but maybe "hal" it's more specific for my question...And 
anyway, now we know that nobody that know konqueror can help me...

In the beginning i was not sure if it was a hal or konqueror or whateverelse 
thing, so i choosed general... Thank to you now i know that is a debian 
thing :P
I'm kidding, i think all the concept behind debian are very good, so please 
don't make me change distro cause of this stupid problem, i spent 2 years to 
reach this point with my debian system...one of them asking for a decent 
workaround for this hal thing...
Please please help me

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