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Re: Qwt packaging


> I wouldn't do that since it would break binary compatibility with
> everything else out there.  If anything, I would make the Qt4 version
> the "default" and only tack on the -qt3 extension to the Qt3 version.
> I would also question whether it's worth the effort to maintain the two
> versions.  It's not like anything in Debian is actually using Qwt right
> now.

Sure, nothing in Debian packages depends on it but some software developers 
use it, like me :) And i need both versions.

> I'm not planning to package Qwt5.  In fact, you're welcome to take over
> the current libqwt in Debian if you'd like.

i'm interested in maintain/co-maintain qwt packages as i use it regularly. 
Waiting for gudjon feedback now ;)



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