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Re: Qt packaging

"Gudjon I. Gudjonsson" <gudjon@mc2.chalmers.se> writes:

> Hi
>    My name is Gudjon and I have been spending the last days on packaging Qwt5 
> and PyQwt5 (I have already got PyQwt4 into Debian).
>    I would like the libraries compiled against Qt3 and Qt4 to coexist but I am 
> wondering what tactics to use. Gerard Vermeulen (the PyQwt maintainer) has 
> suggested having a postfix to the library names libqwt-qt3.so.5.0.0 and 
> libqwt-qt4.so.5.0.0 . Is that OK?

I wouldn't do that since it would break binary compatibility with
everything else out there.  If anything, I would make the Qt4 version
the "default" and only tack on the -qt3 extension to the Qt3 version.

I would also question whether it's worth the effort to maintain the two
versions.  It's not like anything in Debian is actually using Qwt right

>    I have sent Brian Nelson, the package maintainer of libqwt two polite 
> emails, asking if he was planning to package Qwt5 but haven't received an 
> answer.

I don't recall seeing those emails, but I've been too busy to respond

I'm not planning to package Qwt5.  In fact, you're welcome to take over
the current libqwt in Debian if you'd like.

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