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Bug#384325: Patch for Bug#384325: libqt3-mt: Floating point exception in QPaintDevice::~QPaintDevice


Le 28.09.2006 01:06, Christopher Martin a écrit :
OK, thanks for the feedback. I can't reproduce that problem here, but then I'm not using fglrx (you are using that?).
Thank you, that's a big issue for me :-(
Yes, I'm using fglrx
I've updated the packages at:


... with some minor changes. Sorry to be a pain, but could you please test them again?
Ok, I've updated and... it's worse. Smaller.
Sorry, I can't help more than testing.

Note, you forgot to upload the Packages.gz file.


I appreciate it. And other people can test them as well...

If they still don't work (or your fonts are still hopeless) then I'm out of ideas for the moment. Qt should now fall back to a dpi of 75, same as X's default value, so the fonts may not be perfect, but they shouldn't be messed up like yours were.

Christopher Martin

On Wednesday 27 September 2006 08:25, Jean Parpaillon wrote:
Le 27.09.2006 04:11, Christopher Martin a écrit :
I've also built qt-x11-free packages which contain a patch that
_might_ fix your problems. Please update your Qt packages
(libqt3-mt in particular) using the packages at:


... then restart, and let me know if things start to work and are
otherwise OK.
Using this package, qt applications starts but fonts are incredibily
small (see joined file) for all apps.


Christopher Martin

On Tuesday 26 September 2006 21:06, Christopher Martin wrote:
Does everyone who suffers from the Qt3 crashes use ATI's
proprietary fglrx driver? We have a report of a switch away from
fglrx fixing the crashes in Qt/KDE, and other apps.

Please let me know either way.

                          Kerrighed inside

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