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xim support in Kate and other apps that use katepart


I'm not too sure where to post this question.  If this is the incorrect
place, please let me know and point me in the correct direction.  I
tried my best searching for the answer but I'm still at a loss.

I have been using Kate to edit HTML and scripts along with the ability
to edit documents through kio (fish://).  I'm starting to get Japanese
clients and now need the ability to input Japanese characters.  I can
load Japanese encoded files, manipulate the text via copy and paste, and
save them without issue.  My current rather ugly workaround is to type
up JP text in a gnome editor and copy and paste to Kate.

I am using Debian Etch (unstable), KDE 3.5.2, Kate 2.5.2, and scim
1.4.1-1+b1.  In Konqueror, right click brings up the context menu, and
"Select Input Method" > "XIM" is available.  Selecting "XIM" lets me tap
in Japanese characters.  So we know that I can tap in international
characters in QT.

I have been in touch with the developers of Kate and Hamish Rodda and
Toshitaka Fujioka say that Kate and KDE 3.2 and up support XIM.

My question is, is there something special about the Debian distrubution
that prevents Kate (and all of the katepart based apps) from taking XIM?
Is there any diagnostics I could do to clarify the situation?

Please CC any responses as I am not subscribed.

Thanks for you bandwidth,

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