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Bug#348141: still happening

Hi Adam,

I would've answered your questions earlier if I have received a respective notification...

Problems still happening on version 1.9.1.

KMail has been completely purged, but when I reinstalled it the config was still there. So, to be franc, I doubt all config files where deleted on the purge activity. For testing could you please point out what config files to delete?

Using KMail with a different user and starting from no (first use wizard) configuration did not help.

The server package is a cyrus21-imapd 2.1.18-3.
The folder structure is extensive:
- 21 folder on top level
- 5 of the top level folders containing subfolders and being mail folders themselves
- 70 subfolders

I am running a Debian Sid installation at a similar update level where KMail is still working. The difference is that it has not been used that often compared to the machine where KMail is broken. (And being a desktop the network is connected via Ethernet 100 MBit/s.)

Thanks and best regards

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