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Re: Announcing the availability of first Qt 3.3 packages

Christopher Martin writes:

> Hello, Thanks for making these packages available. They're working
> very well, but I did notice a few small things.

Dito, thanks a lot for reconsidering, Martin.

> libqt3-mt-dev now pulls in several database libraries. Is this
> avoidable somehow?

Agree with this.

> Also, the Kmenu now has a problem wherein there is a gap between it
> and its submenus. Also, the arrow heads that point to the submenus
> are missing. I seem to recall a KDE mailing list discussion of these
> problems. I'm not sure what the solution was - perhaps KDE 3.2.3, or
> a patch from qt-copy.


The patch is in qt-copy/patches/0047-fix-kmenu-width.diff apparently.

I haven't yet seen any further problems with Qt 3.3.

> Generally, there are a large number of bugs open that should be
> dealt with one way or another - people have requested dbg packages,
> static libraries, that libqt3-dev and libqt3-mt-dev be
> simultaneously installable, etc. etc. I'm no Qt guru, but if there
> are things you want help with, perhaps posting specific requests to
> this list will yield assistance.

Same goes for kdelibs and kdebase, if people are looking for stuff to
do ;)


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