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Re: Announcing the availability of first Qt 3.3 packages


Thanks for making these packages available. They're working very well, but 
I did notice a few small things.

libqt3-mt-dev now pulls in several database libraries. Is this avoidable 

Also, the Kmenu now has a problem wherein there is a gap between it and 
its submenus. Also, the arrow heads that point to the submenus are 
missing. I seem to recall a KDE mailing list discussion of these 
problems. I'm not sure what the solution was - perhaps KDE 3.2.3, or a 
patch from qt-copy.

There are a number of outstanding bugs complaining about the package 
descriptions. These really need to be improved.

Generally, there are a large number of bugs open that should be dealt with 
one way or another - people have requested dbg packages, static 
libraries, that libqt3-dev and libqt3-mt-dev be simultaneously 
installable, etc. etc. I'm no Qt guru, but if there are things you want 
help with, perhaps posting specific requests to this list will yield 

Finally, there are a few bugs from an old NMU that can probably be 
acknowledged and closed.

Thanks for your work,
Christopher Martin

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