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Re: Bug#229555: kde-core: kicker disappeared on upgrade from KDE 2 -> 3

On Sunday 25 January 2004 8:49 am, Ross Boylan wrote:
> I finally cured the problem by moving my .kde directory and .kderc
> file aside and letting KDE regenerate them.  It asked me some
> questions about setup when I first started.
> My .kde and .kderc before this were pretty generic, having only
> recently been generated by KDE 2.2.2 as I solved some other problems.

Just for info

I recently tried gentoo for a short while.  I of course had a .kde directory 
left from my debian setup.  Its approach was to rename .kde to .kde.backup, 
and then create .kde-3.1 and then symlink .kde to it.

I was then able to copy over parts of my configuration.  (I guess this is 
something an update script could do).

Alan Chandler

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