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Bug#229555: kde-core: kicker disappeared on upgrade from KDE 2 -> 3

Package: kde-core
Version: 4:3.1.2
Severity: important

I just upgraded from the standard Debian KDE 2.2.2 to 3.1 (unstable).
When I started up, my desktop was almost entirely blank.  There was no
taskbar at the bottom.  I think this is produced by the kicker
program.  (By "taskbar" I mean the whole bar at the bottom, not just
the menu from the K icon on the left).

There were icons for home and trash on the desktop.  Left clicking
produced a useful menu.

I tried rebooting my computer, but the behavior persisted.  I tried
running kicker explicitly, but it had no effect.

.xsession-errors had much chatter (most of which I still see after
fixing the problem), but nothing obviously related.

I finally cured the problem by moving my .kde directory and .kderc
file aside and letting KDE regenerate them.  It asked me some
questions about setup when I first started.

My .kde and .kderc before this were pretty generic, having only
recently been generated by KDE 2.2.2 as I solved some other problems.

In discussion on debian-kde, and various other FAQ's and aids, I was
told that this upgrade path should work.  It was also pointed out that
losing the info in .kde could be a major inconvenience for some
users.  Finally, I was told to file a bug if I found problems.  I did,
so here's the bug.

I've assigned it a higher severity since the disappearance of the
taskbar may give many users the impression that things are completely
broken.  Further, my work-around may be highly inconvenient even for
those who know what they're doing.

You may change the priority or package assignment as you see fit.  My
install was based on apt-get install kde-core, so I'm using this
package as the target for the bug.

-- System Information:
Debian Release: testing/unstable
Architecture: i386
Kernel: Linux wheat 2.4.21advncdfs #1 Wed Sep 17 22:06:42 PDT 2003 i686
Locale: LANG=en_US, LC_CTYPE=en_US

Versions of packages kde-core depends on:
ii  arts                          1.1.5-2    Analog Realtime Synthesizer (aRts)
ii  fontconfig                    2.2.1-13   generic font configuration library
ii  kdebase                       4:3.1.5-1  KDE Base metapackage
ii  kdelibs                       4:3.1.5-1  KDE core libraries metapackage

-- no debconf information

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