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Bug#229554: kicker: taskbar shows windows from all desktops by default

package kicker
tags 229554 +upstream, fixed-upstream

Ross Boylan writes:

> When I delete my .kde and .kderc configurations, I get one in which
> the setting for Control Panel | Desktop | Taskbar is "show windows
> from all desktops".


Thanks for the bug report.

> There are two problems.

> First, this behavior flatly contradicts the tooltip hint for that
> item, which says "By default, the taskbar will only show windows
> that are on the current desktop."  At a minimum, the tip needs to be
> updated.

I updated the tip in HEAD, unfortunately it's way too late for 3.2 (
if we change it, the translators have to redo a lot of work ), but
it'll be present in 3.3.

> Second, the actual default behavior is, I think, likely to be
> confusing to novices in particular, as one can get relocated to a
> different desktop without realizing it.

And then it's less confusing to see all windows in the task bar, or
not ?  I would say it would be more confusing to see all windows
dissappear, so the current behaviour is the least problematic.

If you want to change the defaults, please file an upstream wishlist

> (Novices probably should only have a single desktop, but that's a
> separate issue).

I agree with that, but I don't think most KDE devs will :(


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