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kdebase, kdemultimedia ETAs?

Believe it or not, sarge is getting close.  debian-installer is going into
Beta 2 in close-to-ready shape for i386.  I'm guessing beta 3 will be the final
version.  Glibc is finally getting on top of its bugs.  The various transitions
have mostly made it into testing, with the jack transition likely to go in
in the next week.

And we still don't have kdemultimedia 3.1.4; and kdm still needs its collection
of fixes.  I'm beginning to worry that they will miss the sarge release.

Do we have estimated times of arrival for these?  Should I work on
kdemultimedia 3.1.4, or is someone actually working on it already?

Replies to the list please.

Nathanael Nerode  <neroden at gcc.gnu.org>

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