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Bug#214475: Tough bug

package konqueror
submitter 214475 !
reassign 214475 xlibs


I have found out more information about this bug.

As a previous poster already said, it occurs only in the
KonqSideBarDirTree, the sidebar that appears when pressing f9.  It
occurs when some I/O or other kind of hard work has to happen after
switching from one directory to another.  Also, you have to try to
move your mouse as fast as possible away after clicking, this was also
mentionned before. For example, if one directory is shown in a
different konqueror view mode ( list view vs. icons ), then after
switching from the list view to the icons, a lot of work has to happen
( i guess loading the library from disk ?  ).  While this work is
being done, no X input is being processed.  Next, when control returns
to the Qt event loop, it apparently gets first a pretty big mouse
movement and only then the release event ( I've debugged it with a
breakpoint on QApplication::x11ProcessEvent and such ).  Apparently,
this is a bug in Xlib.  On merging two subsequent mouse move events,
it apparently does not check whether a mouse release occurred in
between them ( in which case it should of course *not* merge them ).

I'm setting the submitter to myself ( as I can reproduce and
comfortably debug it ) and reassigning to Xlibs.


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