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Re: Feedback on Package overview page - Distro tracker


On Tue, 27 Mar 2018, Chirath R wrote:
> I have made mockup designs for package overview page as part of GSoC
> project. It would be nice to get feedback on the design and if you could
> mention which fields are most important.

I find the table layout more useful. Concerning the fields, you need
to consider the use-cases. Here are the two main use cases that I can

As a team contributor, I want to check what packages need to be worked on.
In this situation you want all relevant informations of the work to be
- the action items should be easily accessible at least in the expanded
  view, the number of action items by severity would thus be interesting
- the bugs data
- the lintian data
- the availability of a new upstream release
- the status wrt what's in the VCS
- the grouping by "status/action needed" makes it easy to find a package
  with a specific issue to fix and offers a sort of "process pipeline"
  where the package progresses from group to group until's ready for

As an outsider, I want to check what packages are maintained by the team,
the versions availables and what all those packages are about and why they
are there.
- the grouping should be gone, or should be by team-specific categories
  which are meaningful for the end user
- all the version data is interesting
- we want the description too
- etc

It's not clear that both use cases can be met with a single version of the

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