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Re: ITP: cruft-ng -- program that finds any cruft built up on your system / rewrite in C

> > Here is my ITP for my rewrite of cruft's engine.
> I think you might want to email debian-mentors, with a sponsorship request
> (an RFS bug), rather than debian-devel, that is intended as a mailing list
> for technical discussions.
> See https://mentors.debian.net/sponsors

Ok thanks for advice, It's already in the NEW queue.

I posted here on purpose: this a remake of a native debian package,
and a long term goal - I mean : since 1998[1] - 
was to have some of it functionality moved in dpkg itself.

Here is a more detailed proposal that only pickup the 
lowest hanging fruit, that would be completely optional
and left to each packager choice:


TL;DR: move some of postrm scripts "rm -f" lines 
in machine-readable files than can also be re-used by "dpkg -S"

[1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-policy/1998/04/msg00089.html

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