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Bug#758768: add alt text for Ubuntu logo

Hi Nicolas,

On Fri, 28 Nov 2014, Nicolas Sévelin-Radiguet wrote:
> Regarding the bugs icon, here it shows "bug history graph" as can be seen in
> distro_tracker/vendor/debian/templates/debian/bugs.html line 6.

This is what you see in the tooltip, yes. But AFAIK, this only works if
you have javascript enabled. I believe that we should not rely on this
just to have tooltips and it has been suggested in the past to replace
those "data-title" with standart title="…" attributes (and then drop the
has-tooltip class). There are many more places where we should fix this.

Also the picture is displayed via CSS on a simple <i> tag which again
might render to nothing in a text-mode browser. I'm not sure if we can put
an "alt" attribute on a <i> so maybe we should replace those <i> with
<img>... Some experimenting might be required (with links and/or lynx).

See https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=753800 for another
bug where someone complains of this.

> For the Ubuntu logo, one could go with the simple attached patch.

Thanks! I applied this already in git (will deploy when more changes have

> PS: I was made aware of this bug by the how-can-i-help package :)

Great, that's why I added the newcomer tag, I hope you will have a look at
other bugs and start enjoying to contribute more :-)

Raphaël Hertzog ◈ Debian Developer

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