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Re: migration "gift" -> "newcomer" [Was: newcomer will be this tag.]

On Sat, Nov 15, 2014 at 02:56:38PM +0100, Tomasz Nitecki wrote:
> how-can-i-help will treat 'newcomer' tags exactly as it treats 'gift'
> tags now. I'm only going to change retrieval logic from 'get all gift'
> to 'get all (gift or newcomer)'. This change requires only a minor
> addition to UDD generate-how-can-i-help script (and is already done -
> just needs uploading). It doesn't require any changes in how-can-i-help
> itself so we are freeze safe.

Awesome, thanks!

> However, how-can-i-help contains some references to 'gift' bugs (both in
> documentation and in configuration options) and those can't be changed
> without modifying hcih itself. That means that the version available in
> Jessie will refer to both 'gift' and 'newcomer' bugs as 'gift' bugs. In
> the next hcih version, I'll change all those references from 'gift' to
> 'newcomer' and I'll add a note about 'gift'->'newcomer' tag change.

If the change can be isolated from other changes and backported to the
how-can-i-help version currently I jessie, I wouldn't exclude the
possibility that the release team can accept it. After all, jessie's
how-can-i-help will be with us for quite some time, and it is an
important tool for attracting new contributors.

Would you mind preparing an unblock request and run it through release
team review?

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