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Re: Making "entry-point" nee "gift" a real BTS tag [Re: Facilitating contributions by newcomers]

On 14 November 2014 00:59, Stéphane Aulery <saulery@free.fr> wrote:
> Le mercredi 12 novembre 2014 à 03:54:05, Don Armstrong a écrit :
>> This is the last chance for someone to object to entry-point as the tag
>> name. If I hear no objections, I'll put this in place on Friday, around
>> 18:00 UTC.
>    apprenticeship
>    gateway
>    initiation
>    mentoring
>    mentee-task
>    traineeship
>    participate
>    field-taking
>    practice
>    newcomers
>    stepping
>    launching-pad
> Better ideas?

As a member of the target audience for this tag, and an (Australian)
English speaker, from the great suggestions made so far I would choose
one of these tags:

Any of these convey the desired meaning more clearly in my opinion.

My clear favourite is "newcomer", because it has the essential
information with a friendly tone, and I have a nice personal reaction
compared than the others. It feels inviting, like this: "OK, if that
bug is tagged newcomer, and I am a newcomer, then *both* Debian and I
think it is a good place to start ... [so a collaborative feeling
arises instantly!] ... so now let's look into the details and begin

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