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Bug#761105: debsources: on the fly package diff / debdiff

* Stefano Zacchiroli <zack@debian.org>, 2014-09-11, 11:13:
Debsources currently have unpacked packages on the filesystem, organized in per-version directories. So Debsources can simply recursively diff the two directories,

It's probably worth noting here that diff(1) follows symlinks, including symlinks that would point outside the source package. That might not be desirable from the security perspective. (Of course debdiff(1) has the very same problem.)

look into whether debdiff uses specific diff options that we want to use as well, just to ensure that the output format is more or less the same.

One notable thing that debdiff does is unpacking source packages with --skip-patches.

The options for diff(1) are standard: -Nru

Jakub Wilk

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