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Bug#761105: debsources: on the fly package diff / debdiff

On Thu, 2014-09-11 at 11:13 +0200, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:

> We'll just need to look into whether debdiff uses specific diff
> options that we want to use as well, just to ensure that the output
> format is more or less the same.

One thing debdiff helps with is not having quilt cruft in the diff.

> Most of the legitimate problems you've mentioned seems to be related to
> source package format and, arguably, we won't have those problems with
> Debsources, or at least not in the diffing part. (We will have them at
> source package unpack time, of course.)


> However, it is important to observe that sources.d.n still aims at being
> source-package-only, whereas 1) debdiff is capable of diffing .deb and
> 2) .debs are indeed available on snapshot.d.o. So if you are interested
> in diffing .debs, as of now the only place where to implement that
> specific feature is snapshot.d.o.

The debdiff idea was only for sources and mainly in conjunction with
derivs census patch stuff.

On the binaries stuff, various folks have been asking about a
binaries.d.o, similar to sources.d.n but for binaries. The debdiff
output for binaries is useful for some use-cases but we might also want
more comprehensive diffs for binaries, diffp from the reproducible
builds stuff comes to mind as a potential script to add.




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