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Bug#761105: debsources: on the fly package diff / debdiff

On Thu, Sep 11, 2014 at 2:58 PM, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:

> We're gonna need it on debsources anyhow, in particular to implement the
> "edit" feature suggested by Raphael Geissert. What we could do is to
> factorize as much as possible the common parts in a common place, e.g.,
> python-debian. But I'm not sure there is actually that *much* code to
> write, considering that 1) we will probably invoke the real debdiff as
> an external program anyhow and 2) I plan to delegate diff highlighting
> to the javascript toolkit we already use.

I see, some factors I can think of:

Some derivatives support tarball compression schemes that Debian does
not (rejected by the dpkg maintainer). The derivatives census converts
to gzip with low compression and does debdiff on the result.

Ancient Debian source packages had no dsc files, debdiffing would
require constructing fake ones I guess.

debdiff of libreoffice versions needs adequate space in $TMP which
usually isn't available when /tmp is a tmpfs.

Would be great to move that into python-debian.

> What else is there to be done?

Mainly having a full set of packages to debdiff between, from our
discussions at DebConf14 it seems like you plan to get a copy of the
snapshot archive anyway so maybe sources.d.n is indeed the right place
to do this?



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