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Re: [GSoC 2013] PTS rewrite in Django

On Mon, 29 Apr 2013, Apoorv Upreti wrote:
> I could work on a deployment strategy during the community bonding period.
> In fact, I could set up an empty django project, create a Git/SVN
> repository on the server and on bitbucket, set up other tools for easy
> deployment like fabric and virtualenv, set up the stack on the server and
> by the end of the community bonding period, we could deploy this empty
> project with maybe a model and a couple of views to ensure that the
> deployment process is worked out and the development environment is ready
> to use.

We will have to find some place to host the rewritten PTS, but yes we
could do that (except that being Debian we prefer to have everything
packaged instead of relying on virtualenv...).

> It will be nice to have something to work on during the community bonding
> period anyway, since I'm familiar with a lot of the codebase already, and
> the current codebase isn't very large.
> The Debian package would be made at the very end after the entire PTS is
> complete, correct?

Personnaly I'd rather have a package right from the start. It's not so
difficult and it makes it easier for people to try out your work.

But it's not a hard requirement.

> Instead of a weekly iterations, wouldn't deploying every time one part of
> the project is finished be better?

It depends on how often you finish "parts". :-) With any serious
development strategy, you should have a master branch that is always
releasable and if we cut development in small increments, you should have
something new to show each week.

(In particular if you opt for test driven development and that you know
that what you have already done still works)

> Alright. I guess the REST API won't take two weeks then, just one week
> should do. I still feel working on the REST API before other things like
> the email or web interface would benefit the developer of the Android app,
> but I could be mistaken.

That's fine.

> I was also hoping to get your views on generating RDF/XML via django-rdf.
> Other than possible performance issues, do you think this package is good
> enough for our purposes or will I have to write some code myself? Will we
> need to generate both Turtle and RDF/XML?
> Olivier said in the other thread:
> > I guess HTML is of course a priority (hence Web templates alread
> > mentioned), but other formats may require more structured
> > "serialisation", maybe quite close to the underlying Model of the Python
> > objects handled by the core of the PTS.
> >
> Which is why I'm hoping just automatically converting objects should be
> good enough.

Honestly I have no idea. Olivier Berger <obergix@debian.org> (in copy) might
have some experience, I don't know.

Olivier, can you try to answer Apoorv's questions ? And BTW, would you
volunteer to help me and Zack mentor the selected student when he gets
to work on that part ?

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