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PTS: host static files on static.d.o?

Hi QA, DSA folks,

Most of the PTS is currently static HTML/etc files, that can change
approximately every 6 hours, depending on changes in the archive and in
external package checkers (lintian etc). The PTS is a fairly essential
service for package maintainers and it would be nice to take advantage
of it's static HTML generation to provide information to maintainers
even when the main host is down or disconnected. Since DSA implemented
static.d.o for the purpose of distributing static content from multiple
hosts, I thought we might take advantage of it for the PTS.

I'm not familiar with how static.d.o works, could any DSA folks comment
on that?

Do DSA folks think the data produced by the PTS is suitable for serving
from static.d.o?



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