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Re: MIA: crito@30loops.net, please orphan haproxy

 ❦ 20 avril 2013 12:48 CEST, Ricardo Mones <mones@debian.org> :

>> Dear QA team,
>> I would like to take over maintainance of haproxy in a team (I have
>> already a comaintainer for this). It seems that Christo Buschek, the
>> current maintainer is MIA. haproxy has been removed from testing due
>> partly because upstream considered the current version was too old.
>> About Christo, he seems inactive since end of 2011. He maintains haproxy
>> and stud (I comaintain stud with him, so no need to orhan). I have
>> pinged him 2 weeks ago. No news since.
>   There's another co-maintainer of haproxy, which is a developer (acornet).
>   Have you also contacted him?

Yes, he has been contacted at the same time. No news either.

>   Anyway, I'm afraid this is not the correct place for this kind of mails,
>   see:
>   http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/developers-reference/beyond-pkging.html#mia-qa

You are right, sorry. I put the appropriate address in copy of this
email. Let's drop debian-qa@ from the next round.
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