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Re: UDD migration to ullmann.debian.org

On Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 10:18:57PM +0200, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> Any ideas? What kind of disks is ullmann running on? We were discussing SSDs at
> some point, but I don't know what actually happened.

It's two SSDs in RAID1 but over (non-shared) virtualization.

> Don't get me wrong: the improvement compared to samosa is fantastic. But the
> x2 factor compared to my laptop is a bit surprising. If we can tune it further,
> now is probably a good time given it's not in production yet.

It's indeed peculiar. Could you share a bit more:

1) about the benchmark: have you run it multiple times to make sure the
numbers are right? Is it doing I/O itself (i.e. not postgres)? If it's
reading from stabile, that's probably the chokepoint.

2) about your laptop's setup: what PostgreSQL version does it run,
what's the postgres tuning settings etc.

Additionally, I made a couple of additional optimization changes but
that needs a postgres restart -- and since we're there, a reboot would
be nice too, since we also added lockd to /etc/modules. Ping me on IRC
when you're online so we can sync and do this.


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