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Re: UDD migration to ullmann.debian.org

On 25/06/12 at 20:07 +0100, Stephen Gran wrote:
> > [dsa] tune PG (with pgtune?)
> Done.


The performance is a bit disappointing though:
>   Benchmark 1: (squeeze-security import)
>   udd@ullmann:/srv/udd.debian.org/udd$ time ./update-and-run.sh debian-squeeze-security
>   ullmann: real	0m55.363s user	0m10.285s sys	0m0.476s
>   my laptop (with SSD): real	0m17.079s user	0m9.229s sys	0m0.196s
>   samosa: real	9m48.011s user	0m26.834s sys	0m1.116s

After tuning: real	0m34.608s user	0m10.077s sys	0m0.436s

>   Benchmark 2: (bugs import)
>   udd@ullmann:/srv/udd.debian.org/udd$ time ./update-and-run.sh bugs
>   ullmann: real	33m12.664s user	26m44.580s sys	1m31.834s
>   my laptop (with SSD): real	17m37.500s user	16m4.344s sys	0m25.270s
>   samosa: hours

After tuning: real	35m8.882s user	24m30.564s sys	1m13.545s

Any ideas? What kind of disks is ullmann running on? We were discussing SSDs at
some point, but I don't know what actually happened.

Don't get me wrong: the improvement compared to samosa is fantastic. But the
x2 factor compared to my laptop is a bit surprising. If we can tune it further,
now is probably a good time given it's not in production yet.


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