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Talk: "Debian QA: an entrance gate to Debian project"


Debian Day organizer contacted me to give a talk. Ana suggested me to
talk about Debian QA and I added "Debian QA, una puerta de entrada a
Debian" (in English "Debian QA: an entrance gate to Debian project").

The main idea is to give tasks to do for non-dd newbies related to
Debian QA. I made the following list: 

* Fix RC bugs
* Fix orphaned packages
* Adopt O, RFA or RFP packages
* Help with bugs tagged help, security, unreproducible
* Write man pages
* Detect packages that can be removed
* Helping with mass-bug filing (piuparts, lintian, rebuilds of the whole
* Fix common mistakes in wnpp bugs.
* Detect maintainers Missing In Action (MIA)

But, as I think that 2 (or more) brains think more than 1, I'd like to
know if you can add some more. 

Any other idea is also welcome :)


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