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Re: (semi) automatic check for broken links in package descriptions

On Thu, Apr 26, 2012 at 2:17 PM, Simon Kainz wrote:

> Well, currently i only check the "Homepage" fields. I thought about the
> other links as well, but processing the Homepage entries seemed to me a
> first reasonable step. Processing the other URLs is surely doable.


> I think I will restructure my current scripts and make the whole thing
> more modular, to make it easy to add more locations to search for urls.

Sounds good.

> Also I need to process source packages as well, which I currently don't.

Hmm, which parts of the source package would you process?

> How would one incorporate the found data into PTS/qa.d.o website/...? Is
> there a documented/proper way? Or should I just do this on my own and
> PTS would link against my data?

Check the qa.d.o code from SVN and figure out a way to integrate your code.


If you want to run this on your own, that works too.



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