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Re: (semi) automatic check for broken links in package descriptions

On Thu, Apr 26, 2012 at 4:42 AM, Simon Kainz wrote:

> after getting frustrated by broken links in some package descriptions, i
> hacked up a script to check for broken links in the packages descriptions.
> (see http://simon.familiekainz.at/dropbox/errs.html, based on wheezy/amd64)
> for an example. Is this worth investing some work into it? I'd gladly do,
> and (mass)file some bugs and imrove the script,  if this is of some interest
> for QA/Debian and not being done already.

That sounds like a useful project to add to qa.d.o and the PTS, even
more so if it could detect parked domains or other spammy stuff.

Can you describe how it works? Does it check only the Homepage fields
or also links in the Description and Vcs-* fields?



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