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Re: Please re-enable sbuild log filtering for archive rebuilds.

* Lucas Nussbaum <lucas@lucas-nussbaum.net>, 2012-01-14, 10:52:
in SVN revision 1966, you disabled log filtering in sbuild for the archive rebuilds. However, this filtering helps to reduce the diff with the maintainer's build log (I commit or post all the build logs for the packages I upload), and therefore facilitates the investigations.

Would you consider re-enabling this feature ?

When it was enabled, some people complained that it made logs harder to analyze, so I reverted this change.

I don't have a strong opinion on this, but I'm not going to play flip-flop. So I'll let it disabled, unless at least 4 persons reply to this mail to say that it should be re-enabled. (I don't remember that as many people wanted to have it disabled.)

What was the argument used exactly ? Before sending this email I made a couple of search engine queries, but could not find the complains. Perhaps this is not a black and white problem, and a solution can be found that satisfies everybody ?

I don't remember. I've checked my mail archives and IRC logs, but couldn't find who complained.

11:38 < jwilk> lucas: Could you use $log_filter=0 in your sbuildrc when doing archive-wide rebuilds? TIA.
11:39 < lucas> jwilk: what does this do?
11:40 < lucas> isn't it useful to be able to diff the logs?
11:46 < jwilk> lucas: That was the idea, but sbuild is just wrong place to do these kind of transformations. See http://bugs.debian.org/620589#15 for my arguments.
11:50 < lucas> ok, done
11:51 < jwilk> lucas: Thanks!

Jakub Wilk

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