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Re: UDD hint wanted: Who has closed a certain bug


On Tue, Dec 06, 2011 at 12:20:29PM +0000, Stuart Prescott wrote:
> > Does UDD provide some information about who closed a bug? 
> The 'done', 'done_name' and 'done_email' columns of the bugs and 
> archived_bugs tables are populated from the automatically generated email 
> that closed the bugs -- that email claims to come from the person who is in 
> the Changed-By field of the changes file.
> So how about:
>     SELECT done, count(id) AS num_closed 
>     FROM archived_bugs 
>     WHERE last_modified > '2011-01-01'
>     GROUP BY done 
>     ORDER BY num_closed DESC;
> You would want to repeat for the 'bugs' table too as there are around 8000 
> unarchived but 'done' bugs there (UNION if you want, excluding unfixed 
> bugs). Aggregating different email addresses that correspond to the same 
> person is more fun for you.

Sounds very reasonable.  And yes, I know that dealing with names is
quite a hard and I hacked around this problem a bit in the teammetrics
project[1].  However, I hesitated to publish this for general UDD use
because it more or less needs manual intervention from time to time.
> Note that this isn't necessarily only bugs fixed by uploads as emailing 
> nnnnnn-done would also add an entry. I'm not sure what you're really looking 
> for here and whether this is sufficient for your needs.

I would like to do something similar as I did with the uploaders statistics.
You can see an example from Debian Med team at


I would like to do something similar with closed bugs.
> The use of last_modified here is suboptimal. There may be a small amount of 
> fuzziness around the edges where someone emailed a bug to comment or thank 
> the maintainer etc even after the bug was 'done'. There's quite a nice 
> done_date timestamp in the UDD tables but for some reason it is universally 
> set to 1970-01-01, which is less than helpful. Working out why that's not 
> set properly is a problem for another day...

Well, this done_date would be definitely helpful for my investigation.
I would applause loudly if somebody could fix this.

Kind regards


[1] http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=teammetrics/teammetrics.git;a=blob;f=maintain_names_prefered.py 


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