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Re: archive rebuilds tutorial tomorrow at 18:30 UTC

El dc 24 de 08 de 2011 a les 10:54 +0200, en/na Lucas Nussbaum va
> [ Mail Cc'ed to people interested in archive testing. Please subscribe
> to debian-qa@lists.debian.org if you are not subscribed yet, so we can
> use that list for coordination ]
> Hi,
> I've put the IRC log of yesterday's session on
> http://wiki.debian.org/qa.debian.org/ArchiveTesting/IRCTutorial
> Next steps:
> - Please continue to file bugs based on this rebuild. (coordinate on
>   #debian-qa).

Trynig to do so :-)

> - We can schedule another archive rebuild. I could arrange to have the
>   logs ready on Sept 4th. Who would be able to file bugs on the 4th, 5th
>   or 6th?

It's ok for me.

> Thanks for attending!

Thanks again for the session!


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