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Re: The Ultimate Debian Database

Christian von Essen wrote:
> Hi,


Is the database structure available somewhere? In a nice presentation format
I mean :)

> Or, given a source package, if you want to know the maximum of the popcon
> scores of the packages build from that package, you just use the following
> query:
> SELECT * FROM popcon_max WHERE package = '<package>';

The above question is because I don't understand very well why the name of
the table in this case is popcon_max; instead of something like popcon
where the package's popcon history is stored where the max values could be
gathered using MAX()

And are there any plans on developing a, possibly web, interface?

Other than that, nice work :).

P.S. added some information about DEHS on the wiki page.

> Christian von Essen

Atomo64 - Raphael

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