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Re: esound [was: Re: Non-related 'Recommends' dependencies - bug or not?]

Klaus Ethgen [2008-06-17 14:06 +0100]:
> > The alternative to esound is not really ALSA, but rather pulseaudio.
> Is pulsaudio supported by applications like wine for example? Do
> pulsaudio work on top of OSS?

pulseaudio provides an esound ABI compatibility layer, thus it's a
drop-in replacement. It also provides OSS and ALSA emulation for
legacy applications; of course there will still be problems left with
those, it can never be 100% transparent (especially not for OSS, which
does not have a library API, but is so close to the metal).

> OSS: Works well.
> OSS<-ESD: Works well too.

Ubuntu got a lot of bug reports about random desktop crashes/deadlocks
with esound, that's why I learned to hate it so much (apart from the
totally ridiculous video A/V desync).

> ALSA: The problems above.
> ALSA<-ESD: I never really tested.

Thanks for your insights!


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