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Re: esound [was: Re: Non-related 'Recommends' dependencies - bug or not?]

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Dear Martin,

Am Di den 17. Jun 2008 um 11:50 schrieb Martin Pitt:
> Klaus Ethgen [2008-06-17 10:12 +0100]:
> > I cannot prove that. Its sound quality is much better than the one of
> > ALSA direct. (Well esd on top of OSS. It is not that good than with OSS
> > direct but it is ok.)
> Hm, that rather sounds like for your card the OSS driver is much
> better than the ALSA one. But OSS/ALSA both live below the application
> level (where esound/pulseaudio/arts reside).

Well, yes.

> > I just see that issues when using ALSA. So please drop ALSA and not ESD.
> On the vast majority of systems out there, esound plays through ALSA.
> The kernel only has very few OSS-only drivers left, and gradually
> shifts towards ALSA only.
> Since ALSA is the kernel ABI (of course it has userspace libraries,
> too), and esound is the user session daemon, it's not really an
> 'either or' here.

Sorry that I forgot the sarcasms tags. I know that they are different
> The alternative to esound is not really ALSA, but rather pulseaudio.

Is pulsaudio supported by applications like wine for example? Do
pulsaudio work on top of OSS?

> > > At least in my personal experience, using ALSA directly (which has had
> > > dmix enabled by default for years) gives much better results.
> > 
> > My experience is complete opposite. ALSA is that kind of buggy. If you
> > move the mouse while using sound on ALSA you hear cracks and sound
> > disorders. Also they halfly translate the config files!!! And then I was
> > not able to use it long time as it makes my systems complete instable
> > and it ops all time. (Tested on kernel 2.4.*, 2.6.* and also with debian
> > kernels or vanilla. And on all distros, Stable, Unstable or testing.)
> That's interesting indeed! So you avoid that by using an OSS driver
> instead of the ALSA one?


> I can really not imagine how esound on top of a broken ALSA driver
> would sound better than just using the ALSA output directly?

Oh, that was a misunderstanding. I mean ESD on top of OSS works well.

You are true, a sound daemon and the hardware support are different.
ALSA is a bit more than only the hardware abstraction then also some
library stuff which share some functionality of ESD.

OSS: Works well.
OSS<-ESD: Works well too.
ALSA: The problems above.
ALSA<-ESD: I never really tested.

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